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Blog Posts in June, 2015

Standing on your Feet at Work for a Few Hours a Day can Optimize Health

According to a study conducted through Public Health England and community interest group of the UK, office employees should stand on their feet for two hours of their work day to maintain optimal ...
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Working on Your Feet

Overworking your feet can put stress on your entire body, so taking care of your feet is an absolute priority for overall good health. Standing all day can cause a myriad of different conditions such ...
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New York Yankees Gets New Orthotics after Foot Flare Up

Brian McCann of the New York Yankees has been fitted with new orthotics after experiencing some arch pain while on the field. “I had the same mold for the last three years. The arch on my foot ...
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Ankle Foot Orthotics For Athletes

Ankle and foot orthotics, known as AFOs, are custom-made inserts, shaped and contoured to fit inside a shoe and used to correct an irregular walking gait or provide cushioning. Orthotics come in a ...
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Exercises for Pregnant Women and their Feet

Although soon-to-be moms have many things to take care of during pregnancy, it is additionally important that feet and ankles are paid attention to. During pregnancy many women experience natural ...
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Pregnancy and Foot Health

Many pregnant women complain about foot pain while they are expecting, primarily caused by weight gain and hormonal changes taking place in the body. By understanding how pregnancy impacts the health ...
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Michal Rozsival of Chicago Blackhawks Sustains Broken Ankle

Michal Rozsival of the Chicago Blackhawks suffered a broken ankle during Game 4 of the series against Minnesota Wild. The injury occurred when Rozsival skated backwards, fell and landed unnaturally. ...
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All About Broken Ankles

Broken ankles are a serious injury that can lead to an inability to walk, function, and also cause a significant amount of pain. A broken ankle is actually a break in one of the three bones in your ...
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New Minimally Invasive Surgery for Achilles Tendon Injuries

Weronika Molinski was on her way to start a new fitness program in Colorado when she ruptured her Achilles tendon. Although she was unable to walk for a few months, Molinski was treated with a new ...
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What are Achilles Tendon Injuries

The Achilles tendon is the strongest tendon in the human body. Its purpose is to connect the lower leg muscles and calf to the heel of the foot. This tendon is responsible for facilitating all types ...
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