3D Orthotics Scanner

We at Kentlands Foot & Ankle Center are pleased to offer the latest advances orthotic technology. After 12 years of using plaster casts we have upgraded to a new 3D laser scanner that delivers great benefits for the clinical and biomechanical analysis of your feet. This 3D scanning technology is extremely efficient, usually taking 10 seconds to obtain a scan. Is it highly precise taking thousands of measurements per second to generate an image of the foot. The 3D technology allows production of customized and perfectly-fitted orthotics. The data is uploaded to the manufacturer via a secure connection, eliminating wait time with the traditional method.

The technology used in the 3D scanner was originally developed for the aerospace industry. Our laser obtains a high level of detail to produce a full color 3D image. This detail ensures that you get the right fitting custom orthotic the first time around.

Furthermore, our new digital method eliminates paper, packaging and boxes increasing the green program in our office.

3D Foot Scanning Technology

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