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What to Wear to Physical Therapy

It’s common for those visiting a physical therapist to be a bit unsure about what to wear. Unlike other medical exams, you will NOT need to undress for physical therapy. It is, however, important to wear clothing that will allow your therapist to be able to easily access areas that are being treated.

Your physical therapist needs to be able to clearly see the area where you are having pain so she/he may identify any change in the tissues in that area such as swelling, temperature change, lines of tension, as well as perform the hands-on treatment. If laser and/or shockwave therapy are indicated, the treatment is provided directly on the skin, so clothing must be adjustable to make treated areas easily accessible.

A total body screen will be performed to determine if any other more remote regions in your body are having an adverse effect on the recovery of your injured or painful region. It is best to wear clothing that is loose-fitting, making it easy for you to move around.

The following tips can help you dress for success in your PT sessions:

Wear something that does not restrict your motion or ability to move around.

Make sure your physical therapist is able to easily gain access to the area needing treatment. For example:

  • If coming in for your shoulder, please wear a tank top or baggy shirt. Problems in this area often involve the shoulder blade and thoracic spine (middle section of your spine), so something loose is helpful.
  • If coming in for your knee, please wear shorts or loose fitting pants that can easily be pulled above the knee without being too tight in the thigh when pulled up.
  • If you are coming in for your neck, back, or hips, please wear loose fitting clothing for easy access these regions. A tank top or shirt with a loose neck can be worn for evaluation and treatment of your neck. Loose shorts with an elastic waistband can be worn if your back and/or hips are the issue.

The best footwear is sneakers with socks, though we may ask you to remove your footwear during the evaluation.

Your comfort is of utmost concern, and disposable paper cloths will be used to ensure modesty.

Don’t hesitate to call us at 301-825-9675  or email your therapist {monika.physicaltherapist@gmail.com} if you need any help preparing for your first session. Your physical therapist would be happy to answer any preliminary questions.

Whether you are looking for rehabilitation and recovery, maximizing your athletic performance, prevention, or enhancing whole body health and function. We strive to make you… Feel Better, Move Better, Be Better.

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