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Blog Posts in February, 2016

Foot Exercises can bring Activity to a Sedentary Lifestyle

Sitting in chairs all day is bad for your body. But recent studies suggest that standing on flat ground is just as bad, and that these activities are putting our bodies into an unnatural constraint. ...
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Exercise for Your Feet

Whether your feet are over-worked or under-worked, chances are they could benefit from some special attention. Even those who exercise regularly probably do not spend any time strengthening their ...
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The Proper Care for Preventing Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails can become a nuisance when they start causing pain. If not treated, ingrown toenails can also lead to infection. There are many ways to prevent ingrown toenails, and those include ...
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Ingrown Toenail Care

An ingrown toenail is a toenail that grows sideways into the nail bed, causing pain and swelling. Ingrown toenails can worsen and cause drainage, turning into a serious infection. Several factors ...
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Tumeric may be Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Janet Funk, an associate professor of medicine at University of Arizona, and her research team have studied the South Asian spice turmeric to determine its usefulness in treating rheumatoid arthritis. ...
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Rheumatoid Arthritis in the Feet

Although rheumatoid arthritis attacks multiple bones and joints throughout the entire body, ninety percent of people who actually develop this condition usually do so in the foot or ankle area. Those ...
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Treating Your Blisters

Although blisters can be annoying, especially on the feet, there are many different options to help treat them. Let your blisters get some air and refrain from popping the outer layer of skin. Use ...
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Blisters on the Feet

Blisters are a common ailment of people who wear shoes that are either too tight or rub against the feet in an uncomfortable way. Knowing the basics of blisters is important for understanding how they ...
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A bunion is an enlargement of the base joint of the toe that connects to the foot, often formed from a bony growth or a patch of swollen tissues. It is caused by the shifting of the big toe bone ...
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Facts About Bunions

There are many reasons as to why bunions may develop. Bunions are not only a hereditary problem, but can also be caused by an imbalance of muscles in the foot or improper foot support. The bony ...
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